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Jamaica 2017!

We had such a wonderful time in Jamaica this fall!

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If you joined us in Niagara Falls, then you already know what a relief it is to be among friends - in a comfortable environment with like-minded individuals, able to be yourself without fear or judgement.  Maybe you've always wanted to broaden your horizons but were afraid your plus-size would make you a bigger target.  Do you want to sunbathe on the beach in a bikini but worry what others will think?  Perhaps you yearn for a tropical vacation but don't have a travel partner.  Join us!

The BEST part?  No 'bash' registration fees!  That's right!  This means we won't have all the bells and whistles of a bash (all those goodies in the bash bags would melt in the heat anyway!) but this also means we are keeping this as affordable as possible!  You only pay for your travel costs!  And since this is an all-inclusive resort, you won't be left with $urprise charge$ at the end of the week.  So head on over to join the discussion on Facebook where we're planning all the details!