What's Happening?

Roaming Room Parties

Friday night is our Lingerie Roaming Room Party! Best Bashers on the top three floors of the Tower can decorate the front half of their suite in the theme of their choice and have beverages, snacks or treats to share. Please know that decorating or providing treats is not a requirement, but can add to the fun. All that is required is that each suite on the party floors must be open during the hour in which that floor is hosting. Being welcoming of every bash attendee is what is required, as this event is all about getting to know everyone and having fun together. The suite that receives the most votes from the bash attendees will win an awesome prize. The dress code for this event is lingerie, comfy casual or dress to match your room theme. This year we're working our way down. The party gets started on the 6th floor and we'll work our way down the tower one floor at a time, stopping in to socialize and check out the decorations. We have three full floors of rooms that will be participating, so get ready for an amazing party! Please note that everyone with a bash bracelet is able to participate in this event even if you have a suite or room not on a party floor. We'll close the evening out in the Best Suite so bring your leftovers up to share and make sure to vote for your favorite room theme there.

Party in the Best Suite

After the roaming room party, join us in the Best Suite hosted by the Bests and party until 4:00 AM, where we will have Dj Ox spinning and keeping us dancing till the wee hours. Feel free to bring your left over sharsies from the roaming room parties. Voting for the Best Roaming Room Theme will happen here!


While we do not have a vendor fair for this event, we do have some awesome vendors attending our weekend.

Here are the people who are authorized to sell items or provide services during this event:
Novella Fry - Make Up Artist
Jeron Howie - Photographer
Patrick Kcirtap - Pandables Homemade Chocolates
Kendra Miller - XXX Kinder Eggs
Amanda Bear Miller - Consignment Clothing

Share Your Truth

One of our most well-received events, we're eager to do it again. This women’s-only bonding experience will allow us to share our stories of self-love, acceptance and navigating life as a plus-sized woman. Join us where some of our own Best BBWs will share their truths, and then we'll open it up so you can too!

Plus Sized Clothing Swap & Sale

An hour for the ladies to swap and sell gently used or new clothing. We all know that you have some things in your closet that you bought and haven't worn because they weren't quite right. Bring them to swap or sell, or show up and see what perfect outfit might be there for you! Everyone is responsible for setting up, taking down, selling or swapping your own items. Anything unwanted will be happily collected and donated to charity at your request.

Mardi Gras Party

Party it up in your bright and colourful Mardi Gras outfits. Throw on a boa, or a mask, and a couple strands of beads around your neck and be ready to dance the night away as DJ Ox Fontane spins the tunes to keep us on the dance floor all night long. This is also when we'll be having our Bead Toss at midnight, and you won’t want to miss it!

Late Night Private Pool Party

After you've danced your feet off, slip on your suit and take a dip in our Private Tower Salt Water Pool until 4:00 AM Saturday night, sponsored by Renee Thunda of Toledo Ohio BBW Group. Continue dancing in the pool, while our awesome DJ plays tunes to keep the party going! Or if you don't feel like getting wet, hang out in our Canadian Chill Out Lounge down the hall. No glass of any kind in the pool area, not even in your cooler, bring plastic cups or tumblers.

Canadian Chill-Out Lounge

This is your unofficial meeting spot! Located on the Pool level of the Tower, this room will be open for all attendees. If you're not much of a swimmer or have had enough of the pool, come hang out in the Chill-Out Lounge where you'll find people to talk with, play cards or board-games, and share some snacks. This is a great place to coordinate those tourist excursions and and leave a note to tell people where you'll be. If you're looking for a midnight snack, this is PB&J central. This is YOUR bash hangout.

Peanut Butter Jelly Time!

Another Best BBW Bash event fave! All that dancin' and swimmin' probably worked up an appetite! Nothing will hit the spot like a good ol' PB&J. Stop by the Canadian Chill-Out lounge to unwind before bed. Where we will have all the fixins to make up an old fashioned, peanut butter and jelly sandwich, with Canadian Peanut Butter and Jam. Feel free to bring your own versions or add-ons to share.

Our Very Own Private Salt Water Pool

We have secured our private tower salt water pool for bash guests only. The pool will be open all weekend for attendees only. Bash bracelet is required for entry at all times. Another pool (open to all hotel guests, not just Bashers) is also available during regular hours in the west wing of the hotel. This is an indoor pool, so sunscreen is not required, but we do need to protect ourselves so glass in not permitted in the pool area at all! Please make sure to bring a plastic tumbler for your drinks.

Mardi Gras 2017 - What's Happening?

Welcome to Chillin With My Peeps - Mardi Gras 2017!  Get ready for a great weekend! 

This page will ensure you make the most of your Mardi Gras weekend!  Only official Chillin With My Peeps - Mardi Gras events are outlined here but the schedule has been created to offer you time to socialize and sightsee as well.  For unofficial bash events, please check the Best Paid Bashers Facebook group.  If you are new to Best BBW Bash events, beneath the agenda you will find descriptions of the various events we have planned.  

We look forward to chilling with you!

​​​​Best BBW Bash